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Our unique studio equipment paired with resistance bands, creates a system that is high energy, low impact, mind-body, HIIT style… adopting & improving upon techniques from other workout genres for a one of a kind fitness result.

The BOARD30 Class:

  • A 30-minute session of focused resistance band movements
  • Experience a mix of cardio, strength training, calisthenics & stretching
  • Endless movement variations due to our multiple anchor point setup
  • Personalized full-body movements for your fitness level
  • Perfect for muscle recovery by engaging the whole body
  • Every muscle, large or small, will feel the BOARD30 experience


From a professional athlete to a fitness novice to a person in recovery, the BOARD30 system will produce results more quickly and, in less time, than other workout systems. Your experience will be remarkable & produce amazing results:

  • A strong core with resulting strength & balance
  • Toned, lengthened muscles for a leaner physique
  • An interconnected & integral body
  • Improved balance
  • A cohesive body that is less injury-prone
  • An increased range of motion
  • Reduced overall body fat
  • Your metabolic rate is higher for hours after class
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Board30 spirit

Let's Band Together! All gender, all nationalities, belief systems, & ages come together on the board.

If you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, new to the fitness world, the resistance band system offers a transformational experience. You will never get bored with BOARD30 as the movements are limitless & each class feels unique.

Even after years on the board, balance, form, & strength continue to develop & will endure as a goal.

BOARD30 is a supportive community with individual goals that feel carried by all, a whole body, whole heart transformation.

Welcome to the BOARD30 community.