Board 30

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ABout Us

At BOARD30 Taos we are devoted to empowering individuals through fitness. With a focus on inclusivity, community, and holistic wellness, we strive to make a lasting impact on the lives of those on their fitness journey. Together, we can achieve optimal health and happiness.

Our studio promotes enjoyable, inclusive, and sustainable exercise. We believe in holistic wellness, emphasizing nutrition, mental and spiritual well-being, as well as physical activity for optimal health. We provide a welcoming environment for individuals of all fitness levels to challenge themselves and achieve remarkable results using the unique and highly effective BOARD30 System.

At BOARD30 Taos, community is everything. Through group classes, challenges, and social events, we foster camaraderie, accountability, and motivation. Together, we celebrate milestones, overcome obstacles, and inspire one another to reach new heights. We envision expanding BOARD30 Taos in the future to offer innovative programs, workshops, and retreats. Come start your journey with us!




Eli has been a group fitness enthusiast all of his adult life, loving studios like Orange Theory for the energy that they help create while working out. He is now excited to bring another unique fitness experience—BOARD30—to Taos and build a strong community around health and fitness in this already active mountain town. Eli is in the process of becoming a certified personal trainer and is looking forward to not only coaching group classes but providing one-on-one sessions to those who want to take their health and fitness to the next level.


Instructor & Resident Massage Therapist

Wholeness, I am Reverend Elektra Moon, certified group fitness instructor, 200 hr CYT, Buti Yoga instructor, 29-year LMT with a background in nursing. My passion is helping people live their healthiest lives, using a wide variety of wholistic modalities, including spiritually-based practices with somatic movement, body detoxification and cleansing, Massage Therapy, fitness, and much much more. I am a believer in listening to your body's discernment, being mindful of your unique training cycles, and being able to distinguish between mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion and when to drive for success. I enjoy helping people find long-term health goals that create balance in their everyday lives. 



Natalie has loved moving her body all of her life. She was a gymnast in her youth and carried on moving her body into adulthood, finding a particular fondness for HIIT training and any movement or activity that allows for a strong mind-body connection (BOARD30 was an immediate match!). She is excited to join the BOARD30 team and help others fall in love with this unique method and ultimately lead a healthy lifestyle. Natalie is a certified plant-based coach and meditation teacher and loves to spend her time exploring the outdoors or cooking delicious plant-based meals.



BOARD30 is both a playground and place of self sharpening, and Anna is hyped to lead you through class! As a relatively new resident to Taos, Anna is honored to be a part of the local fitness community. She believes in the power of the body and breath in every unique and beautiful form, shape, size, or ability they take. She is passionate about health and movement as well as recognizing that these are not only physical processes, but inherent forms of art within and without. In addition to leading class, Anna is currently working on her personal training and nutritionist certifications. She looks forward to seeing you in class!